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Eden's new branding on poster sites

Eden has always been about transformation; now it's time our branding reflected that

It won’t have escaped your notice that a few things have changed around here. Gone is the red tag, and in its place, we have a new brand identity that looks to Eden’s future as a leading voice in the environmental movement.


The rebranding work – the first in Eden’s history – completely refreshes our visual identity and formalises our unique, positive approach to environmental issues.

The new brand architecture has been designed in preparation for Eden’s expansion into new locations, including Morecambe and Dundee. It will enable a more streamlined approach to co-branding with partner organisations.

Eden worked with leading UK branding practice SomeOne on the rebrand, which involved refining and redeveloping Eden’s strategic brand proposition in consultation with staff, partners and other stakeholders.

It’s not just a new logo. This process has helped us evolve our tone of voice in the context of the increasing urgency of the planetary emergency and informed the creation of a new brand world for the Eden Project that includes a new font and colour palette.

Emma's quote 1

Emma Evans, Eden's Chief Marketing Officer

“ We need to speak with a louder voice to tackle the challenges facing the planet, and our new identity gives us the platform to do this, helping us to increase our impact amongst existing and new audiences. ”

SomeOne teaser video

Eden Project team member in Rainforest Biome
Eden Project Logo with primary and secondary colour palette

Simon 5050

"This isn’t a change of symbol, but a symbol of change for the Eden Project. Wherever you see the new branding, you’ll experience the new amplified Eden mindset.

‘There are many examples of how humans have corrected ecological errors of the past, but it’s rarely a straight line to success. The new brand system reflects the ups and downs we need to be ready for on the journey to a more sustainable future."

– Simon Manchipp, founder of SomeOne


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