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Why use renewable energy?

This is your hub of everyday tips to make a positive, planet-saving change through your energy use. 

We must stop adding greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. This means goodbye fossil fuels, hello renewables. 

Renewable energies, such as wind, solar, hydro and geothermal are on the rise, but there’s a long way to go. You can send a clear message to governments and organisations by choosing a renewable energy supplier.

What can I actually do?

  1. Use less energy

    Turn things down and switch stuff off. If you are on a variable tariff, then running household appliances overnight can make a difference. 

    Powering items down fully instead of leaving them idle or on standby can also save energy.

  2. Travel smarter

    Using sustainable methods of travel, like public transport, is often cheaper and better for the planet. 

    Walking or cycling comes with added health and well-being benefits, and car sharing can make journeys more enjoyable as well as reduce fuel costs.

  3. Reduce your heating by one degree

    Reducing the temperature of your home by one degree can reduce your heating bills by up to 10%. Over time it will also significantly reduce your carbon footprint.
  4. Reduce your boiler’s flow temperature

    Check to see if you can lower your boiler’s flow temperature to 60°C. Many are currently installed with a flow temperature of between 70–80°C or even higher which is often unnecessary.

Can how I shop make a difference?

  1. Switch to green tariffs

    Switch to a renewable energy supplier for example, Good Energy or Octopus.

  2. Buy energy efficient products

    Look for low-energy products that reduce CO2 emissions by checking the energy rating label. 

    A-rated appliances are the most efficient. The label will also tell you how much energy will be consumed if you use it for 1,000 hours.

  3. Invest your money wisely

    Check your investments, bank accounts and pensions to avoid unknowingly investing in fossil fuels. 

    Check the Bank Green website to see what your bank is investing in and switch to one that's in the Fossil Fuel Alliance.

  4. Upgrade to LED lighting

    LED light bulbs are relatively cheap and often last much longer than incandescent bulbs.

How do I get the word out?

  1. Share your energy know-how

    Share what you’ve discovered, for example, how you’ve cut your energy use. Post on social media, and speak to your neighbours, friends and family.
  2. Community power

    Join a community energy group in your area or start one up. Sharing information about the costs and benefits of a community-run energy scheme can be a great way of starting the conversation around renewable energy.
  3. Use your platforms

    Start conversations at work, school or in your community. Joining forces with like-minded people can help push for change. 

    At Eden, we have a network of Energy and Sustainability Champions from across the organisation.

  4. Vote for green initiatives

    Voting to invest in renewable energies and stop the use of fossil fuels sends a clear message to leaders.

    Joining political parties can help influence their policies.

Can I find out more?

  1. Install a smart meter

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Your energy and water suppliers should be able to install smart meters for free. You can then track how much you’re using and what it’s costing you in real time.

  2. Find out where your energy comes from

    Ask your energy supplier where they get their energy from. Ask your local MP about their party’s energy policies and initiatives for your area.

  3. Follow our journey to climate positive

    Learn what we’re doing to cut energy use and use renewables here at Eden. Visit our resources, sign up for our newsletters and follow us on social media.

  4. Visit trusted sources on energy matters

    The Simple Energy Advice website ( explores money and energy saving for your home and in your area. The Energy Saving Trust, Citizens Advice and National Energy Action also provide lots of helpful tips and guides.

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