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Are we stronger together?

This is your hub of everyday tips to make a positive, planet-saving change with your community at home, work or school. 

Research shows that people who were once in the minority can create tipping points for societal transformation. The need for this has never been greater in the face of the planetary emergency. 

Governments, businesses, investors, communities and individuals – all of us – need to work together to meet our needs within the limitations of the planet. Connected communities can tackle challenges better when they face them together.

What can I actually do?

  1. Hold a Big Lunch

    The UK’s national celebration for neighbours and communities, The Big Lunch encourages people to come together over the first weekend in June. 

    Friendships and lasting community connections spark from the millions of lunches held every year.

  2. Start a community project

    From community food-sharing projects to transforming neglected spaces, making a difference where you live starts with small steps.

    Plant flowers in your street or invite a neighbour in for a cup of tea.

  3. Attend an event or course

    Free Eden Communities events take place online and across the UK to help you connect with others. 

    If you're seeking out the next step, our Community Camp Programme helps to inspire and develop amazing projects.

  4. Join in with the Month of Community

    Every June, charities and good causes come together for the Month of Community. As part of it, your Big Lunches help raise millions of pounds every year. In 2023, a staggering £14.4 million was raised for local causes.

Can how I shop make a difference?

  1. Buy from local, independent shops

    Buying from independent shops in your local area means you're promoting and supporting your local economy, moving money into the pockets of those who are likely to continue spending in the local area instead of national or international companies.
  2. Find a share library near you

    Community share libraries keep and care for reusable things like tools, toys, occasional decorations and household items so local people can borrow them instead of buying new.
  3. Sharing is caring

    Sharing tools and resources with neighbours means we don’t all have to buy the same things and gives you an excuse to pop over and have a chat! 

    Swap skills, too. Can you bake, babysit, fix a loo, or tidy a garden? Everyone has something they can offer.

  4. Do more ethical giving

    Provide vital support for campaigns and charities through your wallet or your will, by buying gifts such as Eden’s Adopt a Rainforest Creature, making a donation, or by leaving a gift in your will.

How do I get the word out?

  1. Talk to your community

    Don't be shy. Share your ideas with your friends, family and community. Maybe they'll join in!
  2. Join the Eden Communities Network

    Connect with like-minded people close to you and across the UK by joining the Eden Project Communities Network

    From regular events to local Facebook groups, this is where good things start.

  3. Share food, start conversations

    Join in Eden’s annual Big Lunches. It’s a simple idea that can lead to great things. It can be anything from a shared cup of tea to tables lining the streets. Big or small, a Big Lunch helps build lasting community spirit and resilience.
  4. Make a change, create an impact

    Making your community greener can inspire action in others. Seed a wildflower patch, plant flowers in your street or arrange a free nature walk – inspiring your community to care for their local patch can have big benefits for people and our planet.

Can I find out more?

  1. Be curious about your community

    Find out what’s already happening near you, join a group, make connections in your community, and help out.
  2. Take a walk in your area

    Go for a wander where you live, open your eyes and notice what’s around you. What do you love about your community? What would you like to change?
  3. Bring people together

    Get people together, ideally with a bit of food (it’s a great connector!), share your plans or ideas and find a friend or two to help you get started.
  4. Spread the word

    Everyone starts somewhere. Take action and make things happen, no matter how small because even small steps can make a big difference.

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